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Tiger Eye Orgone Pendant Necklace Gemstone Healing Energy

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Tiger Eye Orgone Pendant Necklace. Healing wellness energy. Magnify the healing energy and intention setting with the law of attraction by creating a more balanced flow of positive energy ! It's powerful and uplifting energy of color and vibration takes the body, mind and spirit into the highest level of energy to benefit the wearer in contentment, over all wellness, happiness, focus, confidence, love and protection. Can help assist in manifesting luck, abundance, love, prosperity, and more.

Adorned with 100% genuine Tiger Eye gemstones, copper, stainless steel and resin. Picture is of exact item you will receive. You will receive one pendant necklace as shown on black velvet cord that measures 18-20 inches with extender chain. 1 Tiger Eye orgone crystal point, linked with wood disc link containing 1 Tiger Eye gemstone bead,and antique silver metal bail that will fit most other chains as well.

Measurements in inches :

Orgone Point Pendant is roughly 1.5 inches in length
Entire pendant is roughly is 3 inches in length will all linked elements

About Orgone :

Orgone Devices tap into the universal life force energy. This universal energy is unbalanced by EMF radiation caused by cell towers, power lines, electronics and similar apparatus. As electro-magnetic beings we are naturally effected by these imbalances. By combining organic and inorganic materials creating orgone, it naturally and effectively cancels out this unbalanced energy and creates positive, balanced energy. In orgone, resin constantly applied pressure on the crystals which in turn squeezes them and they produce piezoelectric energy that is absorbed into the electro magnetic filed of the user and/or item placed within or on it's presence.

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