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Raw Amethyst Crystal Point Pendulum, Chakra Balancing Readings & More

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Amethyst Crystal Point Pendulum. Genuine raw amethyst crystal point in silver bead cap, with chain and amethyst tumbled bead. Gemstone pendulum measures roughly 15 inches in length. Each pendulum is cleansed with white sage, Reiki infused cleared and charged. You can easily recharge your stones at any time by placing under the rays of the Full Moon or laying on top of a Selenite wand.

Specifications :

* Silver Metal Chain measures 10.5 inches in length.
* Each crystal point is roughly 1-2 inch in length.

Amethyst is a powerful protection and wisdom stone. It's known for opening it's spiritual and psychic centers. It is considered a power stone.

The perfect dowsing pendulum, reiki pendulum and chakra pendulum.

Please note that the amethyst crystal points are raw stones and no two will ever be exactly alike. Some may contain inclusions, irregular shapes, cracks, bumps and variations found in genuine raw crystals and stones.

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