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Gemstone Prayer Wheel Necklace | Manifesting Meditation & Wishing Stones

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Tibetan Prayer Wheel and Green Aventurine Gemstone Prayer Beads, Manifesting, Meditation and Gratitude Beaded necklace. Couples as a necklace for on the go, and is complete with ball chain. Contains 10 genuine gemstones of green aventurine with clear quartz nuggets used as spacer beads. Prayer wheel is featured at the bottom of the strand and comes with a 23 inch ball chain so you can wear your beads on the go, hook to a rear view mirror and/or easily hang for storage.

Measures approximately 6 inches long. Contains a antique silver ring that fits most chains. Ball chain is included and measures approximately 23 inches. Ball chain can easily be cut to shorter lengths with scissors. Constructed on lead free wire that is semi flexible.

The perfect strand for prayer, meditation, manifesting and intention with the Law of Attraction.

Prayer wheels are used to accumulate wisdom ( good Karma ) and to purify negativity ( bad karma or bad thoughts ) . The prayer wheel consists of a metal cylinder and handle with a blue seed bead attached which serves as an axis around the cylinder which revolves, When the prayer wheel is spun in prayer the mantras inside become potent with the person's intention, wish and/or prayer.

Green Aventurine is used to promote inner harmony. It provides an opportunity for growth, joy, hope, optimism, prosperity and abundance. It is grounding, It is a heart healer and also balances energy.

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